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USM2 match screenshot

Click to enlarge the thumbnail to see the USM2 match screen in all his splendor! seriously, I’m very pleased how it turned out. The players now have a particular color depending on their role (goalkeeper=green, defenders=blue, midfielders=yellow, attackers=red). I’m thinking … Continue reading

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sensational goal!

I remember that scream when I was playing the good old pro evolution soccer series some years ago with my friends (what memorable tournaments I made!). Now a friend developer just released a nice game – ok is not 3d, … Continue reading

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Why I choose PTK

When I started to work seriously on indie games, my first choice went to Blitz3d (at those times Blitzmax wasn’t yet available). I made my first game USM with it. Luckily, after that I found PTK and never went back. … Continue reading

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galactic civilization 2

Today my copy of Galactic Civilization 2 (Galciv 2 for the friends) arrived. I tried the demo some weeks ago and was impressed about it so decided to buy it. I bought it as always from because the price … Continue reading

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usm2 visual basic editor?

Yeah seems crazy but… today I wrote a small editor in VB for usm2! I save the data, as always, in CSV format so isn’t a big deal to read it from mac/pc transparently. Why I made that editor? because … Continue reading

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