College Romance released

two is better than oneThis weekend I released the visual novel College Romance: Rise Of The Little Brother. The game was developed by Ewan Grantham, and follows the romantic adventures of a teenager that just entered the college.

Initially there should have been 2 more characters (girls to meet), but we had some problems with the artist which had a really busy month, so we decided to release a sort of “light version” at lower price and then in few months release a Deluxe version.

The cool thing is that this way we’ll be able to gather the feedback of the users about the first release, and add new features to the deluxe version. So far the major requests are about a more expanded dating sim structure like the one present in my other game Summer Session, and in general to have more choices during the game.

This way the game wouldn’t be anymore a real Visual Novel (which usually have much less choices) but well, we should do what the public wants after all 😉

To download the demo please visit the game page.

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