Spirited Heart update on the way

After some minor updates, I started working on the big Spirited Heart update today! 🙂
There will be some major changes:

– you can now play until you’re 30 years old (so 2 more years)
– the penalties even in the Standard play mode will be greatly reduced
– you’ll be able to learn “Titles”. They’re a sort of Achievements, and require high skills values in more than one field. For example you can earn the Title of Warrior if you have Combat Skill at 99 and Magic Skill at 75
– from time to time, a God/Goddess might appear to your character requesting her to achieve a specific title before the end of the game. If you make it, you’ll unlock an extra additional unique ending for each character
– there will be an optional minigame when doing jobs: if you get a good result, you’ll be able to raise the associated skill much faster

As you can see enlarging the two screenshots above, the minigame consist in trying to get as close as possible to the number of the day (that changes everytime) using 4 dices. The fist dice is discovered, and then you have 3 more dices you can pick. If you pass the value, you get a poor result, while if you get close, you’ll earn bonuses in the skill advancement for that week. In case you exactly match the number, you’ll get a big bonus in the job associated skill (sometimes even +4)!

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3 Responses to Spirited Heart update on the way

  1. Murun says:

    Looking forward to this update! 😀

  2. Michi-tan says:

    I bought this game, and do love it, however I can’t watch my titles after I got it. I’ve gained the Mistress title with the Demon race, but can’t see it in a new game when I open the character sheeth. Is that a bug in the system, or is there some kind of trick I need to do? OoO

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