Flower Shop spin-off

I can officially announce that the original team (me, Ayu Sakata and M.Beatriz Garcia) started working on a spin-off of The Flower Shop 🙂

I call it spin-off and not sequel because, even if you’ll re-encounter several characters from the first episode (Uncle Sam, Clara, Marian, and so on) the point of view, the minigames and several other aspects will be completely changed. The first major change is the point of view or perspective: you’ll play as Natalie, a cute young girl which you see sketched on the left of this post by Deji (Garcia nickname).

As you might have noticed from the kind of clothes she is wearing, is definitely NOT summer anymore: it’s cold, it’s winter! The game indeed takes place at end of autumn/beginning of winter (we’re still planning the story so that’s why I’m so approximate) and will see Natalie helping Susana in the flower shop. So the farming-sim of the first game will become a “flower raising sim”, but there are other minigames and metagames that will be present. And they’ll be perfectly integrated with the story! This means that you’ll be able to spend the money you’ll earn in a very interesting way (I don’t want to announce it yet but is really a neat idea) and it will definitely affect more the endings than reaching a minimum earning thresold like was in The Flower Shop.

The game will be called “The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook” (working title, subject to a possible change) and of course, being a spin-off, it means that it’s a completely stand-alone game: those who played the Flower Shop will be pleased to see again some characters and “familiar places”, but the new players will be able to experience the game completely even if they haven’t seen/played the first one.

I can speak for all the team saying that we’re very excited to work on this game, which should be out soon, probably after the summer!

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8 Responses to Flower Shop spin-off

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  2. ninian says:

    woow, cool , I’m really looking for it ^^

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  5. ljelliez says:

    looking forward to it. your games are ALWAYS GREAT. 🙂

  6. Riviera says:

    Can’t wait to see more of this.. Flower Shop is great, and both revisiting the scenery and doing so as a girl this time will be lots of fun.

    • admin says:

      Thanks. The art from B. Garcia has improved even more, I can’t wait to show some screenshots. The girls looks lovely, and the guy are quite stunning 😉

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