Living in a fantasy world

Who wouldn’t like to? Stop playing the Sims and enjoy a fantasy life with Spirited Heart!

Ahem, sorry about the ad. I wanted to talk about the spin-off of my fantasy life simulation game which I released last year. First of all, I’m still in the early stages so is hard to tell when it will be finished. Previously I said maybe for Christmas but at this point I doubt it, since I want also finish Planet Stronghold first.

I can reveal a bit more info about the game itself. While Spirited Heart was set in the imaginary town of Triberg, and the whole game took place there, in this spin-off there will be already a major difference: you’ll be able to relocate in any town of a whole region. Have yet to decide how many towns there will be, but is very likely the amount will be around 20 or so.

This choice won’t be purely to provide more content, but will greatly influence the whole game, for example:

  • some towns will have exclusive crafting materials. For exeample they will be built nearby mines of various precious metals, essential for certain jobs
  • some will have Masters of certain skills, for example Master in Tailoring. During the game you’ll be able to train and learn skill like before, but to unlock special skill levels you’ll need specific trainers found only in certain towns
  • each town will have different quests: yes, there will be combat in the game! \o/ I always wanted to introduce combat, so people won’t describe this new game as “it’s a visual novel with RPG element” but as true RPG! 🙂
  • based on your character race, season, origins there will be a specific “global quest” that will involve performing certain tasks spread through the whole region
  • being the game online-based, new towns with new features can be added anytime to the game

About the last point, I already explained how this game will take advantage of the online feature. The game on each run will auto-update itself, to provide the user with the latest version available. At same time will notify of new features like new towns, quests or items. That is my goal for this game, to start moving finally to the new era of online games. So, except for last minute technical difficulties, the game will be online only (a big step for me, but I feel is necessary for this kind of game).

As you can see from the thumbnail on the side, I’m also investing lot of money on assets to produce a game with great art. I really believe this will turn out to be one of my most beautiful games 🙂

The title and everything in that picture is just a mockup, so definitely a Work-In-Progress! But I think it already shows off the kind of art you can expect in the full game.

That’s it for now, I’m really eager to begin working on this game, but since is probably my most ambitious game ever, I’ll take it easy and cure it in every small details!

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4 Responses to Living in a fantasy world

  1. Nhu says:

    Beautiful beautiful background. Not sure how I feel about the character art – mostly because the contrast is so wide – but it’s good too.

    Will the character’s clothes change with what you equip? (that would be really expensive…) Will there still be romances, “endings” (I’m not sure how this would work for online games, as people generally don’t want to start over).

    Good luck and best of luck! I’m very excited.

    • admin says:

      Yes there’s contrast between character and BG, but I think it fits very well, is like in miyazaki anime, the background usually looks painted while the animated characters cell-shaded 🙂
      For the armor yes, there are several sets of armor, weapon, helmet, shield (not 50 different types, but not 2 either!).
      There will be romances, though probably not in version 1.0. The game is online, but is not a MMO – it will have some social features but it can be played completely alone, like if was a normal single-player game. The decision to move online (have yet to run some tests but at this point I think will be final) is mostly because I can update the game instantly, add new features and the player won’t have to redownload the whole game.
      So yes will be a bit different from my usual games, but definitely not a MMO where you must raise your characters to level 1500… I’ll explain more about what I mean in next posts.

  2. Ren says:

    I’d say the difference with the background isn’t just cell-shaded vs painted style; it’s really that there’s a quality leap. I’d pay more attention about symmetry (even if the pose isn’t frontal, there should still be symmetry, it’s just skewed by perspective – the breast plate on her right seems to come out a lot more than the one on her left).
    I also guess that helmet is removable, since I can see her fringe on the left. 😛

    • admin says:

      Tsk tsk poor artists, you’re too picky! 😉 Anyway I posted another pic of the elf character in my twitter here:
      So yes, the helmet is removable, as the armor and the shield (but then she would be left naked, the little girl! lol).

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