Au revoir, Vera Blanc

In other words, the second episode of Vera Blanc, “Ghost In The Castle”, is officially out. To find more about it, just visit the game official page at
This time, Vera must investigate a mysterious ghost that is haunting a old castle in the italian town of Bargi. It’s the ghost real or is a myth? is Roberto Anastasi, the man who hired you for this case, hiding something? why Eva and the Master are still following you?

You’ll find answers to all those questions in the second and for now last episode. As I said before, it’s very unlikely that a 3rd chapter of the game will be released in this format, since the production costs are much higher than those of a traditional visual novel, but maybe next year something might change. I would like to make a “real adventure game” based on Vera Blanc character since I think would be perfect for that kind of game.

Imagine something similar to those good old Lucasfilm adventures with many puzzles to solve, less texts to read, and maybe a fully voiced version.

However, first need to finish several other projects I’ve started (many RPGs and otome games) and then next year we’ll see. Meanwhile, if you like the games I’m producing, and if you like the character of Vera Blanc, please buy the game and spread the word so the chances of having a 3rd great episode will increase 🙂

So for now, au revoir Vera Blanc. Hopefully she’ll come back next year in a completely new gameplay system, and why not, maybe with a more manga-oriented style!

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5 Responses to Au revoir, Vera Blanc

  1. Nhu says:

    So I follow your twitter feed… and you talk a lot to Wadjet Eye Games. Who makes some of my favorite adventure games EVER. So I suspected you were probably going to go that route with Vera Blanc. And I applaud the decision! It WOULD fit the story, and I think you could attract a different audience that way. And any way I can get more Vera Blanc is good for me. I thought the artwork for Vera Blanc looked awfully expensive…

    And since you’re talking to Wadjet Eye Games, I have high hopes of the quality. I hope you will try breaking into the genre! Until then, I look forward to your otome games. xD

    • admin says:

      Yep we’ve been exchanging opinions recently. I want to make something like his games, but since I’m a fool, not pixel art like his games but 2d art animated! And as you can imagine that is going to cost a LOT so I need a bigger audience than those of visual novels. At least it means will have to write less dialogues 🙂

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  3. Ting says:

    Congrats on the release! I loved the first one, but started wishing it was longer when I reached the end; I just wanted to keep on playing and getting to know more about Vera and Brandon, you know? 😀 I loved the story and the art, though I can understand how the art might not appeal to everyone, I thought it fitted the story well and was really gorgeous! And yes, it looked expensive, too.

    I will be getting the 2nd episode at a later date; don’t have the cash right now. Guess the demo would tide me over for a while. :\ An adventure game based on the Vera characters would be really exciting! The characters are memorable, and the premise of the Vera Blanc story would really allow for more depth and plot. Would love to see how far you can take it!

    Also! Looking forward to the upcoming Otome games!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the support. The second game is much longer (has 45-50k words vs 33k of the first one). Is also more linear even if there are still quite some different endings. I know that maybe looked expensive compared to portal games but since no portal want my games I can’t afford to price them lower 🙁
      That’s why I was also thinking about making a online version, since piracy won’t be possible this would let me release the game at much lower price. Will need to think about it 🙂

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