Always Remember Me competition!

Today I am officially announcing the game Always Remember Me with a press release, and also starting a karaoke competition.

Do you like anime? Manga? Video games? Music?? Win a free copy of ‘Always Remember Me’ video game by doing your best performance of the Cristina Vee theme song! Check the official game video below:

The contest rules are very simple. Go to this page:

  1. Sign up for Winter Wolves newsletter (you can unsubscribe anytime) – this step is essential since we’ll announce the winners through the mailing list, so if you’re not subscribed you might miss the winning notification!
  2. In the contest page you’ll find download links for the karaoke track and the lyrics
  3. Record your best karaoke vocal performance of ‘Remember Me’ song. MP3 or YouTube / Facebook video links are both acceptable formats (though videos are preferred).
  4. Let us know about your work. You can find email / contacts info on the competition page, but if you made a Youtube or Facebook video the best way is to post a message about it on winterwolves facebook page
  5. the competition deadline is 31st May 2011 at midnight GMT. So you have one full month to send your entry!


Entries will be judged based on quality of musical performance, production, entertainment value and overall quality.


Top 3 winners will win a free copy of the game ‘Always Remember Me.’

Top 3 first prize winners will also have their song or video featured on Winterwolves website, in the official game page.

And now, lets see what’s coming in next months…

Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook – work in progress new screenshots!

Of course, the next game to be released in collaboration with Sakevisual is Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook. As you can see from the beautiful pictures below, chibis are going to dominate the life/dating sim world! 🙂

Screen_natalie Screen_susana

For now all I can show is those two screenshots, but from mid-May I should also be able to start uploading some gameplay / scene videos on youtube. Stay tuned for more news also about my other games (roleplay, sports sim, strategy)!

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4 Responses to Always Remember Me competition!

  1. Anonymous says:

    When can i get a walkthrough! 🙁

  2. ams says:

    tell me the ending of this story!!!! 🙁

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