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This week finally started working on Loren Amazon Princess RPG ruleset. I want to be very clear that this is going to be a more casual RPG! So nothing complex as Planet Stronghold. However this time I’ll design it in a way that I can easily add more features later. Working for 6 months on Planet Stronghold helped me to understand the various coding problems you can encounter while developing a RPG, but I had to hurry up to finish that game (especially in the last months) so the resulting codebase can’t really be “re-used” with other games as I hoped.

It was a mistake and something I don’t want to repeat with this RPG. So don’t  be shocked if I tell you that very likely the game won’t have an inventory. Yes, you read it right ! But before you delete my site from the bookmark  “indie RPG”, read on 🙂

The game will focus, like Planet Stronghold, mainly on battles and character relationships. The main features of this new RPG will be:

  1. the overall polishing level: is very likely will have another custom theme song, will have top quality artwork (as you can see from the screenshots) and I also want to include more cinematic scenes during the battles. For the battle itself I have an idea how to make it, in a way where you’ll be able to see the heroes positions on the battlefield (more info about this later after I’ve done some tests to see the feasibility of this feature).
  2. the skilltrees system: every character starts with 3 skilltrees, each of them has 3 or more skills. Of those three skilltrees, one is the character Class (which can be Warrior, Thief and Mage), one is a character specialization (for example Loren has Dual Wield, the playing character has Healer) and a unique skilltree for each character. This way every character will have a real personality and will be much more fun to play each of them (you can use 12 characters in the game). Below is a work-in-progress flowchart of the three base skilltrees:
    Loren Amazon Princess RPG base classes For a more detailed explanation, check the game official forums here.
  3. game currency: when you defeat enemies, you’ll get money, and items. Wait, didn’t I say that the game won’t have an inventory? yes, indeed the items will be resource materials that you’ll be able to use to upgrade your weapons and equipment, increasing your character power. During the game you’ll encounter several places with blacksmiths or enchanters that will be able to improve your equipment if you bring them the right materials. This way, even without a real inventory, you can still grow your characters.
  4. choose male or female character: yes, even Planet Stronghold featured two genders. This time though, the gender you choose will influence the gameplay. Saren, a human male warrior, will have unique melee combat skills. While Elenor, elf female thief, will have unique long-range combat skills. Obviously, like my other games, the gender will also influence which romance subplots you’ll be able to unlock in the game.
  5. better movement map: I plan to have some scripted scenes, to advance the story, but also allow freedom of movement in a bigger map. I’m not sure yet about this last feature since would require some work, so for now this is the only thing that falls under the category “maybe if I have enough time/budget”!

I really think that if you liked Planet Stronghold, you’ll like Loren The Amazon Princess RPG! And for those waiting for The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook or more otome games, don’t worry, next week I might be doing an official announcement… stay tuned! 😉

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