Spirited Heart Girl’s Love: the demon girls

Here we are at the latest blog post regarding Spirited Heart Girl’s Love, where we meet the two demon girls, Reid and Hade.

The first video is about Reid. She is without doubt the most sexy character of the game, by her appearance (very undressed as you can see) and for her behavior. I particularly like how the player character personality changes a lot the relationship in this case: both the human and the elf will be disgusted by her actions, while the demon will be actually envy of how she (apparently) manages to obtain everything she wants using her charm. I also like the ending of this romance plot, when you discover Reid’s real motivations and … oops, I’m saying too much! 😉

Lastly, it’s the turn of Hade, probably the most original and together with Yana one of my favorite characters of the whole expansion. There’s nothing better than the video below to show you her personality. When I told the writer about her, I said: she is a sort of medieval/fantasy geek. And I think the result is excellent: she is a genius beyond equals but also a very fragile person with serious problems having social contacts. I think one of her “bad endings” is one of the best pieces of narrative of the whole game, even if very sad!

So all is left is to… release the game! I am currently waiting for some ending voiceovers and also final scenes, not real CGs since are pencils to display over the parchment like happened in the regular game, but still will need about one month of time. Meanwhile I’m hoping on next friday blog post to finally announce The Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook pre-orders… 😉

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  1. Diana says:

    So…the main character is a girl this time? Looks interesting 🙂

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