Sometimes Life Gets the Best of You


In the photo above, my dog Nick who passed to better life last sunday.

As the title says, sometimes real life gets in the way of indies. I won’t be lying, this month has been the worst of my life so far. Earlier I lost my uncle Don Giulio, a catholic priest (but religion doesn’t matter, he was a good person and helped a lot of people during his life). It has been a very important figure in my life, and in some way also helped me to become an indie.

As if losing people and pets I loved wasn’t enough, the heat here (but also in US from what I’ve heard) has been insane since about two weeks. I bought an A/C, but even if I turn it on, the noise is too much to concentrate (I am not the kind of person who listen to music/radio while working, I need complete silence)!

Luckily, nowadays I use a lots of external people to work on my games. So even if this month I was mostly unproductive, I was still able to communicate with the writers, coders, artists and keep my active projects moving. But is scary to think how the life (and career) of a lone indie can be at risk when “the life gets the best of you”.

This friday I wanted to have the pre-oders of Spirited Heart Girl’s Love ready, for example. Everything is done: the art is ready, the story has been finished since July, the ending voiceovers redone. There are only a few sprites left to put in the game, test it a bit and do the various installers and upload them. Probably a day of work, but in the last 3 days was able to work on average 2h a day (and also had other projects to keep going that required my attention).

I think if today I worked at maximum speed I could have made it – but I don’t like to realease things in a rush. I like to polish my games, adding small details and making sure everything works. But all those little things take time! I’m sure many of you that follow me are wondering what happened to the other game Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook. That is another example of what happens when the life gets the best of us, in this case of my friend and partner in this game, Ayu of Sakevisual. She had many problems too recently, and even if a “pre-order” version was ready at beginning of this month, there were still several smaller things out of place, so we decided was better to wait until everything was perfect.


However, talking about Spirited Heart Girl’s Love, I can definitely promise it will be out this weekend – even if I can work only during the morning, in two days of work the game should be 100% finished and ready for pre-orders. So stay tuned and follow me on twitter for the announcement! 🙂

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  1. SpectralTime says:

    Sorry to hear that man. I don’t know what else to say, but good luck and God bless.

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