The Roommates game

Those who’re waiting impatiently for Loren expansion don’t worry! We are working on it, but after my blog was monopolized by Loren for about 4 months, I decided to talk about one of my other games in progress: the dating sim set in college life called Roommates.

The setting

You play as Anne or Max and the game takes place in a house on-campus, the Latin House. Max is a singer and a rebel, his plan is to stay in school long enough to save up enough money through part-time jobs to get by without his parent’s financial support, then drop out and start a ska band. Anne a small-town girl, studious but very shy and easily embarrassed, Anne thinks that college could be the fresh start she needs to break out of her shell. Her goal is to make at least three new friends while keeping her grades up.

The cast

They share the house with several other characters:

Isabella – A flirtatious Latina with a hardcore edge, she likes to party and have a good time, no strings attached. She wants to try everything at least once. Works at the coffee shop on campus. Openly bi.

Sally – A bleeding-heart, vegan activist girl with a cheerful demeanor, she’s always picketing or putting solar panels on roofs or out getting people to sign petitions. She has a weak stomach for horror movies or anything with gore and can’t say no to strays, even when you’re technically not supposed to keep animals in your dorm room. Works on the college farm.


Rakesh – A chill Indian exchange student that doesn’t let much get to him, he is an artist that believes that everything has the potential to be a canvas. Unfortunately, he doesn’t always remember to ask for permission before making things into art, leading to some disasters involving other peoples’ personal property. The male bi character.


Dominic – The RA (Resident Advisor, basically the person who makes sure people in the dorm aren’t breaking major school rules) and a former child prodigy, he considers college serious business and disapproves of most of what the wilder members of the house would consider fun. His rule is iron-fisted, but his ability to keep everyone corralled is probably the only thing stopping the place from burning to the ground. Works as a Teaching Assistant for the lower-level Physics classes.


Plus there will be more secondary characters that will have a role on the story.




The game is divided into three quarters, with two big breaks (Winter and Spring breaks) and each quarter is made of 6-7 weeks. During each week, some events will trigger and you can choose if to participate to the event or skip it (to save energy for job/studying).


There are 8 different endings in total, each ending is made of a scene CG + kiss CG, sneak peek below:

Max will be able to get an ending with Anne, Sally, Isabella or Rakesh (BxB)


Anne will be able to get an ending with Max, Rakesh, Dominic or Isabella (GxG)

Current progress

The art is at very good point, missing only the backgrounds and the secondary characters. The writing is still at the early stages (first weeks) but since it’s a big game will take a while before is finished. The setting is light-comedy with LOTS of fun moments. Think something like the tv show: How I Met Your Mother, to be clear 🙂

The big change of my future visual novels and dating sims

I am in process of switching to a custom engine made in Monkeycoder language that will allow me to simultaneously release the games for Pc,Mac,Flash/HTML5,iOS and Android (and in theory PSVita, if I really wanted to, but I doubt it). However, it still needs to be finished and tested and will need some more time. But at this point I am thinking to create all the future visual novels / dating sims with the new engine, instead of doing them in Renpy to have to recode them again.

I decided to take this route because at this point seems obvious that none of my games will ever appear on Steam, the only way to make good money with visual novel / dating sims (or any other indie game to be honest). So to survive I am trying this new route that at least gives me more exposure through web and the various appstores, and still grants my usual direct sales as before 🙂

That means that the imminent new releases this year will mostly be the RPGs, including Loren expansion and Planet Stronghold sequel, since for those I can’t use monkeycoder yet, building a RPG engine takes a lot of time! Speaking of Loren expansion, you can see a promo image below:


That is all for now. Have a good weekend!

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4 Responses to The Roommates game

  1. Wow, even the WIP pictures look great! Good luck.

  2. Rex D says:

    The game was really, REALLY fun. The characters were likable and the interactions you had with them were hilarious at times and really got you attached to those you romanced. If it’s anything, I’d say this game could DEFINITELY use some expansions. Even though its pretty lengthy, and has a lot of replay value, a few expansions would definitely be a treat. Maybe a few events during their second year of college where you can continue your last year’s romance, or start a completely NEW one. Maybe even a few shorts, like a halloween party with the roommates, or a Christmas celebration. Hell, this is a college game. ANYTHING is possible.

    Final Verdict: 9/10
    + Likable characters
    + fun interactions
    + great dating sim

    I have NO problems whatsoever with this game. Just wishing for maybe another year’s worth of misadventures and shenanigans with Max, Anne, Sally, Rakesh, Isabella and Dominic.
    Love this game and hoping to see more of it in the future

  3. Allie says:

    Is there any sex in this game? My litlle sis wants to play and I need to know

    • admin says:

      Yes, it’s nothing too explicit but I wouldn’t recommend it to people under 14-16 years (this depends mostly on the country where you live).

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