Behind the scenes

There’s lots of stuff going on right now behind the scenes at Winter Wolves HQ! 😉

Unfortunately most of it regards games that will be released the next year, so I cannot really post much info about it. I have already posted enough sneak peeks for the upcoming games, that if I post more would be almost spoilers.

So we’re in that planning stage in which writers write new awesome stories, artists draw great new images and I go mad doing game design, a bit of coding, marketing and trying to organize everything so that *something* gets released relatively soon… 😀

Heileen 3 delayed

Speaking of “coming soon”, I can officially say that Heileen 3 won’t be out in October as I hoped 🙁

The fact that I had yet another artist who should have done the missing backgrounds disappear doesn’t matter that much, because I am used to see that happening. So I should have planned more in advance. Well, beside that, there are 60 scenes to code only for the “otome version” (adding the images, variables for gameplay, etc) and I have yet to start coding the simulation part, so simply it’s not possible to finish the game in 1 month only.

Right now, IF I find a faster/more reliable background artist I can hope to release the game by Christmas. I think I already found someone but… you never know.

Manga Bundle extended by one week and Spirited Heart included

The Manga Bundle I’m doing was extended by one week, and if the total number of bundles sold reaches 1,000, everyone (even those who paid $1) will get Spirited Heart! I don’t think you’ll see that game on sale for such a low price for… years (if ever at all). So, spread the word if you can even if you already have the game 😉

Remember that is only the base game, so it doesn’t include the Girl’s Love expansion (including also that would have been too much).

Future RPGs

About the RPGs, we’re still in planning stages for Planet Stronghold 2, while Loren’s sequel art is being made. As I said several times in my forums though, I don’t plan to release more than 1 RPG each year since they’re quite complex to make and time consuming. But rest assured that you’ll see more RPGs from me in future.

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