What’s next?

I was quite busy this week working both on Heileen 3 and Bionic Heart 2 (you see a new video of it above), so this post will be mostly an attempt in having a sort of “planned release schedule”.

December 2012

As you probably know already, I really hope to release Heileen 3 sometimes during December (hopefully in time for Christmas!). The beta testing will begin soon for sure, but the final game release is still unknown (depends how many bugs people find in the beta!). Anyway, all that’s left beside 10 more “random events” is for the simulation parts: 21 chibis, some small artwork, a few texts, some more balancing. I believe it’s just a week or two of work.

In December I should also have one of my first games on the new Monkeycoder engine, so available also on iOS/web.

January/March 2013

Between those months, I’m surely going to release the yuri version of Heileen 3 (which I really wanted to release at same time as the main game this time, but alas because of problems with the original writer I couldn’t). Also, Bionic Heart 2. The background art for that game is all done, the plot is finished, but there are still some sprite images that needs to be colored.

April/June 2013

Here things gets more difficult to judge. My goal would be to start Planet Stronghold 2 beta in early April, but you know, with RPGs is hard to know since they’re so hard to make 😉 I might just have one of my other games in a good advancement state and release it. Possible candidates are Roommates and Nicole.

Late 2013

Anything is possible! I really hope to have finished Planet Stronghold 2 by that date, and one of the other games. Maybe even Spirited Heart 2 or Amber’s Magic Shop. But is very likely that at least one of those two games will slip into 2014!

As you can see I’ve got quite a busy schedule ahead. Now excuse me but I need to get back to work 😉

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4 Responses to What’s next?

  1. I’m looking forward to all of your games, but the one I’m most anticipating is Roommates.

  2. X says:

    How about improving bionic heart 2 and planet stronghold 2 via kikstarter support?

    • admin says:

      Well first of all I need to ask some other indie friends since I don’t live in USA or UK so I can’t use it. For Bionic Heart 2, the art/story is done so there’s not much room for improvements, while for Planet Stronghold 2 I need still to plan it better. I don’t want to rush things and do a quick kickstarter that maybe won’t even reach the goal 🙂

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