Shagala the healer in her shop by night. The candle lights are all animated ­čÖé

Sorry about the blog post title, I just got the battle voices for Seasons Of The Wolf and I’m a bit excited! Ayu (my trusted VA manager) has always done a good job (she did the voices for past RPGs as well) but quality keeps getting better and better.

Just check for yourselves (for Althea/Shea I just put two samples but there are many since each class has different ones):

p_AltheaAlthea Druid / Hunter

p_SheaShea Ranger / Druid




p_Riley Riley

p_Rowinda Rowinda


Other news

In other news, I got new “covered version” of Loren romances so once I finish the new update, even those playing in the covered version will be able to enjoy the romance images (some will still be sexy despite the characters fully dressed!).

From my site you’ll get the “full deal”, with covered/uncovered images. On Steam and other portals is more likely that I’ll make only the covered version available, to avoid getting any age rating / limited exposure (but I’ll try to have same version there too if possible!).

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2 Responses to Battlecry!

  1. Matt says:

    Who are the actors?

    • admin says:

      I’ve the full list:
      Shea – David Young
      Althea – Jessica Young
      Chalassa – Michelle Tabula
      Krimm – Elissa Park
      Rowinda – Miranda Gauvin
      Jariel – Casey Mongillo
      Riley – Kamran Nikhad
      Vaelis – Nicholas Andrew Louie

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