Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Daniel


Time for another introduction: Daniel the apprentice mage!

Born to an Elvish mother and a human father, Daniel is Haros’ son and Amber’s first friend. The two of them work together as apprentices under Haros until their adult years. Their paths take them in different directions, however, and eventually the two drift apart.

A couple of years after Amber becomes an alchemist, Daniel rekindles their friendship. He is now a well-respected mage in the local Mage’s Guild and rising quickly in the ranks there. The Half-Elf eventually recruits Amber to help him create the Elixir of Life although he refuses to explain why he wants it. He claims it is to impress his superiors but Amber suspects he is lying.

Daniel’s main weakness is his pride. He believes that he is better than anyone. This is true for the most part although it takes him a long time to admit that Amber is a better alchemist than him. His main comfort is that at least he can use magic and she cannot.

Although he rarely talks about it, he often feels alienated from those around him. He is the only Half-Elf in Icesilia and he often feels like he cannot fully relate to either side of his mixed bloodlines. It is perhaps why he gets on so well with Amber who has a similar problem.

2 thoughts on “Amber’s Magic Shop: Introducing Daniel

  1. Bob The Mob

    Seems like a very interesting character; has some mystery to him.

    2 questions: Elixir of Life–eternal youth? Raising the Dead? Something else?

    “His main comfort is that at least he can use magic and she cannot.” Confused here: I Thought alchemy is a form of magic… ?:(

    Unless that refers to things like the spells cast by playable characters in RPGs?

    1. admin Post author

      Elixir of life=eternal youth
      As for alchemy, it’s not magic, it’s more a science. Magic is someone who can cast fireballs but must have innate magic abilities. Alchemy on the other hand is a discipline which can be studied, so in THEORY anyone could become a grand alchemist with enough time put into it (but of course it’s not easy at all!).


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