Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Rumi Kai

Rumi Kai

Rumi Kai originally joined the military as field medic. However, one day Lieutenant Shatz saw her psionic skills at work and convinced her to become a combat soldier. What Shatz couldn’t imagine was how mistreated Rumi would be at the training camp. The camp’s zealous scientists found out that Rumi’s psionic index was two levels higher than the maximum level ever recorded in the time of Graciela Reyes (one of the first human psionics). Thus they began the “experiments.”

Rumi was no more than a test subject, and unfortunately during her “training time” she lost her sight.¬†Luckly, once Tom found out what was happening to Rumi, he used all his influence so that she could be released and join the regular army.

Since then, Rumi Kai has always been considered an invaluable member of the team thanks mainly to her incredible psionic skills and code of honor similar to that of the ancient samurai.¬†She treats enemies with respect, opposes decisions that she doesn’t consider “honorable”, and sometimes can show admiration for the most formidable opponents.

Progress update

The blog posts are written every 2 weeks so the info here is not super up to date, however for those not following me on the other social networks, I have tweaked how the skill checks work. Take a look at the screenshot below:

Initially I simply reused Cursed Lands skillcheck system. That means: if you have the required value of skill XYZ, the check is successful. However I quickly noticed during testing that it wouldn’t work in this case, for a simple reason: in Cursed Lands the checks were done only for the main protagonist, here instead any member of the current team can do the check!

As you imagine this meant that out of 6 active party member characters it would be very easy to find someone with the required skill, so I decided to change it this way:

  • if you have the required skill level with any character, it will always be successful (100% success chance). For example, a choice requiring Stealth II will always be successful if you have anyone in your party with Stealth II
  • if nobody has the required skill value, the success will be percentage based. For example in the screenshot above, the check is for Stealth II, and Rebecca only has Stealth I. There will be 50% chances of success

Differently from the first game, the random number are generated in a way so that the infamous “save scumming” is not working. Even if you save before the skill check and reload 1000 times, the result for that particular check with that particular character will remain the same.

I’m doing it this way since in the first game was a common strategy to save just before a skill check and try until you make it. However on the other hand, the success percentages here will be higher on average, so you should be really unlucky to fail a check (and even if you fail it’s not a game over anyway).

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  1. Hellrazoromega says:

    That sucks. If a person wants to save scum that should be their business, and those who hate save scumming can just accept their lot and move on. If you are worried about achievements you could just have a mode of the game where save summing is active but achievements are disabled for those who just want to see the story play out with the best possible outcomes.

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