Planet Stronghold 2 Cast: Queen Shiler

Queen Shiler in her throne in an unknown place in the jungle

In the last blog post I almost forgot that there was indeed another character I should introduce (or better, re-introduce) that is Queen Shiler.

It was one of the main characters of the first game and in this sequel you can romance her as Joshua. I know many asked for the possibility to romance her as Lisa too, but the game had already too many romances and besides the artist no longer works for me (so I couldn’t have made a proper romance CG anyway).

Let’s introduce Queen Shiler now.

Queen Shiler

Shiler is the Queen of the Marada, race which has a very peculiar quality: they have a ‘hive mind’, similar to that of bees. Shiler can see anything that happens on the planet through the eyes of those she calls “her daughters,” other Marada soldiers. Apparently, while the other Marada can act independently, they all follow the guidance of Shiler, the mechanics of which are still unclear to the humans so far…

In this sequel, you’ll learn that the Marada have other classes/roles besides soldiers like Shaman, Healer, etc. There is certainly more to the Marada, but I don’t want to spoil the story too much since depending on your choices, you’ll need to fight against them sooner or later.

Shiler is seen as a manipulative character, which she honestly is. However, she is also very mysterious since her reasons aren’t immediately clear, leading to Joshua/Lisa thinking that she is hiding many things.

If you sided as a Rebel in the first game, you’ll start with her ruling the colony Zero-One with Prince Cliff. If you were a Loyalist, you though you killed her during the first game, but that might not be entirely true…

As already mentioned, you can romance her playing as Joshua and it will be a weird relationship, leading to some interesting outcomes (which of course I can’t write here!)

Other games update

Jill has been testing a lot Corona Borealis in the past weeks and we’ve fixed several bugs already, we’re at very good point. At the same time, we started with the game trailer production.

Volleyball Heaven keeps going steady, and since some people recently asked, I also replaced Summer In Trigue writer (who sadly couldn’t keep working for some personal issues) to speed things up since that game is also on hiatus since too much time! There’s also a poll in my forums where I’m asking for feedback about the game art, check it here:

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