Corona Borealis beta begins

the lovely main menu of Corona Borealis with the full cast

The game beta is finally ready! You can find it here:

No demo reasons

In case you’re wondering, I’m not going to have a demo for this game for a simple reason: during the scheduling part, you can talk with the person you’re working with. There’s a series of questions you can ask, and even if some questions are restricted to certain conditions of the game, you can actually play and discover most of them in the first part of the story (before the 4th of July event).

Also, this game is small, much smaller compared to my usual games: as you can see the price also reflects this, since it’s the chepest game I released in the last 9-10 years! Of course, you can replay it and unlock two different endings for each character, so the game length should also consider replaying the story, but still a demo wouldn’t have worked even in this case.

In summary the way the game is structured, prevents me from making a demo, a bit like what happened many years ago with one of my first dating sim games ever: Summer Session.

The game

That said, the game has 12 beautiful CGs, so actually the same amount or more than many other games I’ve made, so if you’re there for the art, you won’t be disappointed! The artist (Deji) really did a great job there.

The writing is really funny and lovely at the same time too. I’d say it’s a sort of spiritual successor of my early otome games, the Flower Shop series (even if the writer is different of course, it reminded me of those games).

If you’re looking for a simple, funny but at times also dramatic (because there are really some… unexpected events!) story, I’d say you can’t go wrong. Personally I’m really happy that Jill asked me to help her finishing this game because now that I see the final result my initial thoughts are confirmed: it really was worth doing it. Have fun!

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