Corona Borealis is out!

Corona Borealis official trailer

The game official webpage is:

I’m happy to announce that Corona Borealis is out. I can take off an item from my “2019 goals list” then! I said it would have been out first quarter and there was only a little delay.

As usual, for now the game is available on my site (through only, but will appear also on Steam and mobile stores. I’m already working on those versions, though not sure how long will take yet.

I already wrote my feelings about the game when I annouced the beta, here I want only to add that it was really a nostalgic game for me, since it reminded me of my very early steps into visual novels / dating sims, both because of the art-style of the always wonderful Deji but also the kind of setting and story.

By the way if you’re stuck with the game, Jill (the writer) made a very useful walkthrough in my forums:

Planet Stronghold 2 beta

note to self: never make Shiler angry!

The beta will surely take place before end of May, as usual I’ll announce it on the social networks first. I have spent the last week adding more “camp talk scenes”. I’m going to follow the same system of Loren, that is many scenes but not necessarily all very long. Sometimes there’ll be a choice, other times not.

I am overall around 150,000 words considering all the main plot story and camp talk that you can unlock until the end of chapter 2. The game will have four chapters, though probably the last one will be shorter than the others (have still to plan it so I’m not sure really).

Compared to my latest/previous RPG, this one is much more RPG, meaning it has more complex gameplay. Just the fact that it combines crafting + isometric map exploration makes already the most complex game I made, but even the battles are, and the thing I was most pleased with was that you can win the same battle in different ways, using different “builds” or strategies.

Of course I’m curious to see what players will think too, that’s why I am eager to have it officially on beta, since you always find a lot of bugs but also solutions and/or different ways to solve problems only after the game is out and many people are actually playing it 🙂

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6 Responses to Corona Borealis is out!

  1. Tyrone says:

    Hi can you tell me how to get lacey’ss romance ending

  2. Thai says:

    The game is lovely and adorable despite being short. Very well done and worth the money!

    However most of Basils scenes didnt work properly on the Android version. I think it’s because of the images not loading properly(?), but I’m not sure.

  3. Firechick says:

    Yay! I loved Corona Borealis! I kinda wish the whole thing was voice acted rather than just limited to certain scenes, but oh well.

    One question though: What exactly is Noah’s disability? Or the exact nature of it? From what I can gather, he’s not good with people, has anxiety issues and a lot of crying fits (Again, totally relate), struggles in school–especially math (Math was the bane of my existence, too), has food sensitivities, wild mood swings, can be rather judgmental and insensitive at times, and takes medications for whatever issues he has. What is his disability? Is he autistic or somewhere on the spectrum? Does he have an anxiety disorder? Bipolar disorder? ADD or ADHD? Some combination of them, or of all four? Or is it meant to be ambiguous? I’m more genuinely curious than anything.

    • admin says:

      You posted the same question on Steam right? 😛
      I asked the writer (Jill) about it, when she gets back to me I’ll let you know (I didn’t write the game myself so I don’t want to say something wrong).

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