Volleyball Heaven beta is out

One of the many bonus CG you can unlock in the game

As the blog title says, Volleyball Heaven beta is finally out! You can find more info here: https://winter-wolves.itch.io/volleyball-heaven

The final gameplay and themes

As said before, the game was turned into a plain visual novel since the gameplay system wasn’t working, so there was no point in adding it if it wasn’t fun to play. Also, this game is very different from my past ones, including more mature themes and strong language, so be warned. This not to say that there aren’t many funny situations or moments, but there is also some kind of content that you’ve never seen in my games before.

So far from the initial comments I got people seems to enjoy it, and of course let me know what you think about it, if it’s something you’d like to see more, or not, in future games.

The end of an era

I just wanted to go back for a moment about my previous blog post…! Planet Stronghold 2’s reception was very good, and currently it’s my RPG with highest review score on Steam! This makes me very proud as you can imagine (also because I wrote it all myself).

However, what I wrote in past blog still remains true, and it’s not only about the market and potential sales but the burn-out aspect. I am going to simplify things but I will still add RPG elements or mix between visual novels and other gameplay genres (sim/strategy/cards etc).

The Curse Of Mantras will be my last game to have a huge cast, but at least the card gameplay is easier (not by that much, but it is) compared to RPG gameplay.

For example if I had to redo PS2 today, I would:

  • make the main plot shorter lol, obviously
  • not have 12 love interests but 4-5 max
  • choose a starting romance or start as single and romance new characters only (and not the madness of breaking existing romance to pursue new ones etc)
  • have RPG gameplay but much simpler, more casual, less fights or quicker fights

The only thing I’d probably keep is much of the branching, but as said a shorter story. With all those changes, the game would have probably took me 6 months (because I am fast and work hard!) instead of 12 months, and I probably could have priced it more accordingly to today’s market.

Mine are just suppositions anyway, because this market changes so quickly that even us devs don’t really know what’s going to happen. It will be interesting to see my upcoming games like a match 3 / puzzle quest style game that I hope to announce on next month’s blog post!

6 thoughts on “Volleyball Heaven beta is out

  1. Bitow

    I don’t mind playing VN only, without any other kind of gameplay into the game, sometimes it is just better. I’ll probably check Volleyball heaven when it is out (it is my favorite sports and has yuri? :D)

    About PS2, i really enjoyed the game, the story and gameplay, for me, was really good, i loved Michelle romance and I’ll finish Lakadema route soon. I for one will keep checking your games even if there is less RPG elements in the future (rpg is my favorite genre, and i got to know your games through Loren), all the games so far that I played I really enjoyed it.

    I think the “keep romance from beggining to end” is a good option to go, it has less work and give the possibility to make 2 different stories if it is what you wish to do.

    I hope Loren 2 is not so far in the future, I want to continue Chambara’s route (I hope it is one of the option for Loren 2), she gave me the impression of those characters that, once you create some kind of connection, she will care about you but will try her hardest to not show (when comes to friends), don’t know if I am wrong though.

    On another note, thanks for answering some questions I had on steam!!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks! Yeah in future even when I’ll have RPG gameplay will be simpler than in previous games. Next month I think I’ll announce a new steampunk match3 game with simple RPG gameplay added.
      As for Loren 2 it won’t exist anymore as originally planned, but very likely split in 4 smaller (? lol my small games are as big as the regular ones!) games, with old/new romance split between them. Still brainstorming how to do it properly.
      So in the end, in a way or another you’ll be able to see more of Chambara and everyone else in the first game 🙂

      1. Bitow

        Oh yeah sorry, i remember you talking about not being Loren 2 anymore, it is just something out of habit of mine to call it Loren 2 since it will be some kind of a sequel, but it is really nice knowing it will come out at some point.

        Lets wait patiently for next month to know more about this steampunk game then 😀

  2. Vladimir Ignatiev

    Good day! I hope that in the future you will return to the continuation of the Planet Stronghold and Loren. However, of course, health is more important. Have a rest and gain strength!
    From Russia with love!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks! For now I don’t think will do more games in Planet Stronghold’s universe, but for Loren for sure (might not be called Loren 2 but still feature same characters).


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