Goodbye Grillo

My cat Grillo (2005-2020)

Sadly I’m doing an unexpected blog post today because my cat Grillo passed on a better life. He wasn’t very old (even if 15 years are a good age for a cat) but considering all he went through, he lasted even more than I expected!

He was probably my most clever and agile cat, able to open doors, jump in the most unexpected places, always going outside whenever he could.

When he was age of 3 was bitten by a viper he was carrying on his mouth – somehow he survived (the viper might not have had time to inject the full poison in his body). Then, 5 years ago he was diagnosed a mass in the liver (cancer), unoperable.

In these last days, despite the mass growing to a big dimension and despite he becoming even more skinny, he always wanted to go out and stay under the sun whenever possible even in these cold days of November.

I loved all my cats, but Grillo was truly a special one. Rest in peace!

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