Progress update

Time for one of my progress update posts! Later this month I’ll also do my usual “year in review” (around Christmas) and also at the beginning of next month I’ll do the “new year goals” as well. But now, let’s see what is happening.

Tales From The Under-Realm: Hazel

the relationship system is similar to my past games

I’ve scripted the first common part of the story, and the editor said she should have all the remaining texts (the biggest part) finished by end of month, which means the game should be out Q1 next year. While it’s definitely not a complex game, it still has a relationship system which will determine which endings you’ll be able to get. I put more weight on certain big choices rather than the regular ones (Friendly/Joking/Forceful/Romance) since some choices are really funny (like the joking one) and I want player to be able to pick them even if they usually give a negative relationship (in particular with Tori).

ROFL Tori’s face after hearing another terrible joke from Hazel is too funny

Summer In Trigue

hmm I wonder to who they’re referring to? 😉

As already announced on social media, I decided to redo the characters art of Summer In Trigue! Why? Well, first of all, I personally like Deji’s art a lot (and I am not the only one). Also, she adapted her style to the existing romance CG scenes (smaller eyes) and I think the result is even better than her usual art!

Summer In Trigue also has changed a lot from its “early years”, since it was obvious I needed to tweak the story and art to the new market’s demands. Which means optional adult scenes and different writing/art style. Since the project started back in 2014, I’m happy to see it finally coming to a conclusion!

I don’t have any estimate deadlines yet, and of course I’ll prioritize Hazel since I did a Kickstarter for it, but it’s very likely that Summer In Trigue will be out relatively soon 🙂

All the other games

As you know I’m also working on other games, however beside the first of the four Saren/Elenor games, Tales Of Aravorn: An Elven Marriage, and The Curse Of Mantras, I’m keeping them secret for now.

Speaking of those two, they still fall into the “insanely huge games” category, in particular Curse Of Mantras with its 10 love interests + card gameplay. Anyway I’m working and will keep working at slower pace on those games too.

p.s. yes I have changed the layout in the blog. Somehow there was a conflict in the CSS and the images would get badly resized all the times! No clue why. But not more time/patience to mess with such things so… I just put a default theme! lol

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