New Year Goals

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s see what I’ll try to do in 2022.

Your dirty minds are thinking about some different kind of stimulation, right?

Of course, since I’m running a Kickstarter for The Curse Of Mantras, this is the game that will have my priority in the first months of the year. Like before, I’ve already done some work prior to the KS, and I’ve been working in the past weeks (slower since I sort of took some time off for the holidays). Gameplay-wise things are very good and even the writing/scripting of the story part is at good point so that (crossing fingers) I’ll likely deliver the game ahead of its deadline once again (still considering a longer testing time due to this game having a more complex gameplay than my recent releases).

Trouble in paradise… or better trouble in hell?

This year will be 10 years since the first Loren release! It would be cool if the tenth anniversary saw the release of the first new adventure for Saren and Elenor, ToA: An Elven Marriage. And I’ll try my best to do it, though being a RPG, it won’t be easy. Also because, after finishing The Curse Of Mantras I won’t probably have the energy to do another complex game, so I might do a shorter/simpler one “as break”.

This is all I can show for now about the next Tales From The Under-Realm game

Indeed, I have plans for the next Tales Of The Under-Realm game. I won’t spoil too much but it will be set in the town of Lothark, and will see some cameos/references from my other games: Apolimesho, and Samael. Remember General Samael from Loren? He’ll be one of the main characters of the story, back when he was only the Captain of the guards.

It will be a dark fantasy murder mystery and you won’t be able to see everything / discover all that happened in a single playthrough. I have written a rough draft/idea and honestly I can’t wait to work on this, since I think the idea, mood, the character routes, the deaths (there’ll be many) are really interesting.

As said in previous post, being a smaller title will be yuri only, but even if you don’t care for the yuri part I think the story should be still worth playing, and if you like my fantasy world of Aravorn there’ll be many references, and many grey-characters. And also, many possible deaths, obviously!

Beside this, there are also a few other games that I’m working on during breaks, of some I’ve posted a few sketches/preview art on my Patreon but it’s still too early to talk about any of them, since now my policy is to talk publicly about something only when I’m 100% sure I’ll be able to release it.


So that’s the plan: Curse Of Mantras release, then crowdfunding for the next Tales From Under-Realm game, then ToA: An Elven Marriage and if there’s time, some other game. But I doubt it, since two of those three games are very big games with complex gameplay. You never know though, last year I never expected to be able to release 4 games!

Happy New Year!

5 thoughts on “New Year Goals

  1. dale

    OOOhh a New Loren That would be great,, Elanor and her Amazon would be great…
    But always interested in You guys.. But like I said in the Summer In Trigue,, I can always Hope ;p

  2. Nahui Abigail Gonzalez Millan

    Have you decided whether or not to stay on Kickstarter for the next crowdfunding campaign? I know you had mentioned that you were looking for other options after Kickstarter’s decision to use blockchain.

    1. admin Post author

      I haven’t made my mind yet. The thing is that there’s an abyss between it and the other sites 🙁 so I don’t think I could raise same amount of money at all. I am hoping they change their mind, but… seems unlikely.

  3. Bitow

    I can’t wait for the new ToA releases, even though i want to play asap, even more that the one i want to play the most will probably be the last entry of the 4 (if you still plan to do it, i haven’t checked here in a while), but there is no need to rush if it is not ready to launch this year, it is better a good game but delayed, then a bad game but rushed.

    1. admin Post author

      The 4th will come out as last, so even assuming 1/year it would be out in 2025 or something lol 😛 I definitely won’t rush them out, but I won’t make them as big as PS2 either since many players don’t have a lot of time to play. So in practice quality over quantity. At least that’s the idea!


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