Mid-year update

We’re halfway through 2022 so time for a general update about stuff in progress and what might happen in the next 6 months.

ToA: An Elven Marriage

A scene of the marriage event, when this bard sing the game theme song

The demo’s response was good, I had a lot of useful/interesting feedback.

Beside fixing some minor bugs people spotted, I might do an addition: for those who want to remain loyal to their only love from Loren’s game, I might add an option to pick that name. For this game and for the other games too. Of course, there won’t be any romance scenes (especially when the character is not even present in the story!) but this way it will let people roleplay better.

Right now in some scenes if you don’t continue a previous romance with Myrth/Rei, Elenor/Saren will start as single. Now instead I could write generic replies to imply tha they aren’t single, but still not interested in romance, that won’t require too much time to add.

For example Nathir might ask if we have someone. If single (as it is now) will answer no. If continuing a previous romance NOT present in the story (so not Rei or Myrth), the answer could be that “we have a special someone waiting for us back home”.

Just generic sentences like that should work and not require too much effort, so I think it can be implemented easily enough in this story and next ones. Also, in some stories the love interests will be present as NPC but not in the party, like the second game. There will be both Karen and Loren but they won’t actively join the party. But this way I’ll just have a few scenes with them for those who still want to roleplay.

I hope I managed to explain myself, it’s a bit confusing I know! I still haven’t decided if I’ll do this or not yet, but at least as idea doesn’t seem too difficult.

Tales From The Under-Realm: After Midnight

A wise move, especially when your father is a gladiator

I’m making very good progress on this game, about half of the story is done and I’m scripting it. Still waiting for some more art, and the theme song is also ready (I posted it on the Kickstarter update).

Curiously I got way more withslists for this game than An Elven Marriage during the Steam Fest event, so it seems that at least the beginning of the story captured the interest of many people.

I’m making sure to have a good story with many branching points and having several dark/sad ending, alongside some bittersweet and happy endings: yes because as happened in Hazel (the first title of this series) despite the dark setting I like to provide at least one happy ending for each romance couple.

Since the game should be out in the next 3-4 months I’ve already set up a page on itchio with a pre-order option, for those who missed the Kickstarter or simply prefer to buy the game regularly. The game is not ready of course (you’ll get a simple wallpaper if you try to download it now), but you can already download the wallpapers and OST and listen to it if you want.

Other projects in the work

As usual I’m working on many other projects at the same time, since to meet my goal of at least 2 games out every year you need to plan in advance. I have posted several previews in my Patreon in the past months as usual. I have a project in particular that could be announced in the next months, perhaps even this Fall. Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Mid-year update

  1. Errapel

    Oooh, I like the idea of being able to say “I have someone waiting for me.” It’s a nice bit of role-playing, and your games have such good stories and world building, it actually works really well to not always have a romance.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes will check what I already wrote to see if there are any possible issues but otherwise I think I’ll implement it 🙂

  2. lahvinek

    In that regard, i would like to ask, if you also get back games you had on google again or new game (both)? Or if you dont want to go back that way, after what they did i would get why you stopped and dont go back.

    1. admin Post author

      After what happened I wouldn’t want to do it, but even if I wanted, they blocked me permanently, so I can’t release more games on google play no matter what.

  3. Hades

    Hello, i really like your games. Having the option to say “I have someone waiting for me.” is great, but can a player pick that and still go through with the new romantic option? It’s cool either way i was just curious. Have great day/night and good luck with your future projects!

    1. admin Post author

      No, I did that for Planet Stronghold 2 but was really complex, and in the end not really seen by many players. So for this game I’m just going with either:
      – start single/no romance => romance NEW love interests only
      – start / continue previous romance. If romance present, full story, otherwise just a few reference lines


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