TFTU: After Midnight beta and The Beastmaster Princess Kickstarter

One project is getting towards completion, while another is beginning the development! It’s the cycle of life, applied to indie videogames.

A close up preview of one of the six endings

Yes, because you can play the Tales From The Under-Realm: After Midnight beta right now on itchio! I’ve already sent the Steam keys to everyone who backed the game on Kickstarter, as well as itchio beta links for those who signed for it.

In any case, the final release is planned for next month, so there shouldn’t be much to wait in any case if you prefer to play directly the final version.

I’ll write a proper post-mortem later but for now I just want to say: thank to everyone who supported this game, and wow, it’s really hard to have a customizable character and many different CG! The game final size is over 300mb, of which probably there’s an extra 100mb due to all the different hair/skin color customization options!

The Beastmaster Princess Kickstarter

the game main menu image

I’m also really happy to announce this new game! It’s a game that started development several years ago but then for various reason I had to pause it, but now I’ve finally time to finish it.

The setting is rather original vs my other fantasy games, since takes you on the role of Kunya, the daughter of chief Goro, of the Desert Snakes tribe. So for the first time you’ll be playing as a Nomad.

To know more about the game including the characters and the various stretch goals (there’s even one to add a male protagonist and a harem ending!!) I invite you to check the Kickstarter page here:

As you can see, looks like this will be a busy month for me 🙂

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