The Beastmaster Princess beta

I am excited to announce that my upcoming game, The Beastmaster Princess, is now in beta testing on The testing phase is expected to conclude by the end of the month, after which the game will be available on Steam. Purchasing on will also provide a free Steam key.

For more information please visit:

A preview of the game soundtrack which turned out very good in my opinion

I have chosen to classify the game as “adult only” due to its setting, which features revealing outfits for characters in a desert and nomad setting. Additionally, Steam has a policy of categorizing games with manga art as adult only, so it made more sense to put it in this section rather than waste time censoring it. This decision was also influenced by similar experiences of other game developers who had their games categorized as adult only despite mild content.

The only drawback is that the game will not be available for purchase in certain countries, such as Germany, due to its adult only classification on Steam. However, I believe that players interested in this type of game have likely already switched to purchasing through

ToA: An Elven Marriage update

In other news, I’ve made some good progress also on ToA: An Elven Marriage, going past 150,000 words of story. It’s kind of fun to work mainly on a game (Beastmaster Princess) and then during the dead moments work on a complex RPG! And also plan the next small game Kickstarter as well, which will be live next month. Rest assured, despite the workload, I am taking precautions to prevent burn-out and have learned from past experiences.

Anyway a feature I added recently was the possibility to pick ANY romance from Loren even if that character is not present or is not a main character of the story:

I hope it’s clear enough that this is just for roleplaying purposes!

What’s the point you might ask? Well, if someone wants to be “loyal” to a specific love interest and they’re not in the game… in that case it’s like if they were playing with no romance though, since you won’t be able to unlock any romance CG. The relationship points though will still work, as well as the personal quests.

Just to recap quickly, to avoid confusions:

  1. there isn’t any “Loren 2”. Instead, 4 spin-off games focused on Elenor/Saren (the real protagonist now!)
  2. in each of the 4 games, there will be 2 “old” romances (from Loren) + 2 new romances (new characters). Of course, always different in each game.
  3. in each game you can either: continue an old romance, or start as single and romance one of the two new characters
  4. for those who wants to roleplay, they can pick any love interest from Loren, even those NOT present in the story. But of course, no romance path or CG will take place

In this game using this system will actually be rather easy. In the next one will be a bit more difficult since for example Loren IS NOT a love interest (both Loren and Karen will be in the 3rd game that focuses on the Amazons and the slavery themes etc). However both Loren and Karen will be present in the second game as NPC/secondary characters.

So if I allow this “roleplay thing” I’ll need to write a few variants in this case. Still NOT a full romance path. I hope I managed to explain. And I hope it will be worth it lol

Note that I’ll do the same also for the NEW romances. Example: in ToA:An Elven Marriage you romance Lydia/Nathir. In the next game (Reign of War, another demon war themed story) beside all the older romance you’ll be able to roleplay and start as if you romanced Lydia (or Nathir).

To summarize: you have the option to choose any previous love interest from prior games in the series (beginning with Loren). If the character is a central figure in that specific story, you will experience a full romantic storyline. If not, you will receive references or mentions and only a few scenes. Generally, if they are not main characters, they will have very limited screen time.

Last but not least: this series of games uses the parallel universes or if you prefer, the multi-verse system. So in one world, Saren is the hero who fought alongside Loren and became her lover. In another, is Elenor and she fell in love with Chambara. Etc etc. However, there will be some major world-event that will be fixed.

So for example in every “universe” they defeated Fost with the help of Zeal (he’ll be present in the first two spin-off games). In every universe, Loren becomes the new Queen. Both Karen and Loren are alive, so is Mesphit. And so on.

Phew. Why I decided to make such complex, branching plot games? I don’t know, really, but I hope you’ll have fun as I am doing world building.

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  1. Cay Reet

    I already have the game from! As I live in Germany, I these days either support kickstarter projects or I buy from itch. It’s great to get the Steam Key as well, I’ve already activated it, now I just play my version until the Steam one comes out.


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