The Beastmaster Princess is out and new Kickstarter “Save The World”

First of all, my new fantasy visual novel “The Beastmaster Princess” is now out both on itchio and Steam.

You can buy it from here:

Or here:

As already posted previously for the Steam version I decided to save myself the useless efforts of trying to censor it and just went with adult-only category. But the game can still be played with suggestive outfits/content off if you like.

Thanks once again to all Kickstarter backers for helping me finish this game.

Are you ready to Save the World?

Save the world, a sci-fi yuri visual novel about… aliens!

My next Kickstarter is also live. This is one of the shorter VN I want to make I was talking about in past months, that I plan to release in between the bigger projects like ToA: An Elven Marriage.

For more information about the game please visit the Kickstarter (you can also click the image above). The game is set in London, and the protagonist is Ekiya, an Indian immigrant in the UK who is struggling with her life but she has a good heart. The encounter with the aliens will change her life forever. Note that despite taking place in the same city, the game is not related to my previous title Bionic Heart.

The game’s premise is based on this concept: what would happen if aliens arrived and believed that our society was flawed, and the solution was to redistribute wealth by killing the world’s wealthiest individuals on a daily basis?

Sarah, Ekiya’s best friend and perhaps something more (The first love interest)

The premise is just the start as the game will feature even more wild events. There are two love interests, your childhood friend and roommate Sarah and Xen, who is a non-binary character and the leader of the aliens.

Xen, the alien leader (The second love interest)

But considering how cute Agent Castillo turned out (I have a long tradition of making hot secondary character) I hope that also the stretch goal gets achieved!

Agent Castillo from MI6

The game will feature optional adult content, but since the story is focused on the aliens, I’m going to make sure that this time there’s a clean version playable by anyone. And of course many cute moments the ones below:

A cute scene between Sarah and Ekiya, with their cat Mirtillo
Xen initially will be cold as ice, but maybe Ekiya will manage to show them what love is

That’s all for now. As I’m writing this the game was already funded but as said before there are some very interesting stretch goals I hope to reach!

2 thoughts on “The Beastmaster Princess is out and new Kickstarter “Save The World”

  1. Hades

    Looks good but what happened to the half demon Lilith? Project pushed for later? I hope it didn’t get cancelled. I really like demonic characters. Anyway i wish you good luck on your projects.

    1. admin Post author

      No I haven’t, this simply is a shorter game I had in mind to do since long time, already had a draft etc. Also the artist that will work on Lilith is busy finishing other things. So nothing is cancelled, will probably do that next year 🙂


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