New Year Goals

And so the 2024 begins! Let’s see what are my goals for this year.

Personally, I’ll likely need to do the surgery to the other eye (last year I did only one) early this year, depending when I find the time, so there might be a month of delay or so while I recover. But if it goes like past year, maybe even less.

House of Chaves

Needless to say, this will be the first game to be out, as I’ve already worked on it during the last few months of 2023. I’d say that if everything goes according to plan, a Q1 release could definitely be possible ! Just don’t expect it in February, more like March!

ToA: Thieves of Dingirra

This is a game that was “on hold” by 3-4 years, but this year I really want to try finishing it. It’s basically a game telling the story of the events happening in Dingirra after Seasons of The Wolf story, and it should feature a very different gameplay, a sort of strategy/simulation game (maybe with a bit of RPG).

At the time of writing this, I coded a random NPC generator and designed several gameplay elements, but I still need to find a way to code the main gameplay loop in a way that’s hopefully fun.

I have already ideas written, but actually implementing them, balancing, testing, etc it’s a whole different thing. Anyway, I hope to do the crowdfunding for this game, probably Q2 and then try to release it in early Q4 (I definitely want to avoid the crazy sales/fests period this time).

I plan to make more posts in the next months to introduce the setting, the characters, love interests, etc!

TFTU: Lilith

Sadly this game won’t likely be out this year. I am at good point, I wrote a long draft of about 2/3 of the story, but that needs to be reviewed and tweaked a lot. The preliminary art is also taking a looong time because artist is working on other projects as well (so just enjoy Lilith, the main character for now). In summary, I really don’t think will be out this year. Maybe, I’ll be able to do the crowdfunding, but not the final release.

Other secret games in the works

I have a few other games that could decide to try finishing this year, but following my new rule of “never talk about a game unless it’s at good point” I won’t make any names. But like the past year with Save the World, there could be some surprises (of course, smaller titles, nothing big since Thieves of Dingirra is already a BIG game!).

Happy New Year to everyone!

2 thoughts on “New Year Goals

  1. BobTheMob

    Happy New Year, Jack! 😀
    Hope it’s a good one for ya. 🙂

    As always, we dudes GOTTA know: Lilith–will her sprites ever be romance options for us?
    I know TFTU is no that kinda game (ouch, lol) but in future games, maybe?

    ‘Cause she is FIIIIIIRE!


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