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A crazy week

I’m writing this blog still half-broken because of a flu I got early this week. Fun because I had one around the same time last year too, even if was much lighter!

Heileen 3: Sea Maidens slightly delayed

Now first of all, as you can imagine, I wasn’t able to work on Heileen 3 yuri version. I feel better but not good enough to code, which requires concentration to avoid making lots of mistakes. However, the writers have basically finished reviewing the texts, so I think the beta could start the coming week.

Spirited Heart 2 – Religious Wars

That is the provisory title. What?? 😀 I’m joking of course! A rather crazy thing happened though, that is the current character artist for that game refused to draw the girls for the yuri version. For “religious reasons” because he’s a Christian.

I don’t want to get into a debate, however my uncle was a Catholic priest and always said about homosexual people that “the important thing is that they love each other”. My uncle was a better man than many others.

In defense of that artist (which I won’t name), when we originally started the project, it was to be just a standard GxB game. Indeed work on it started in 2009, shortly after the first game, and since then lots of things changed (positively I think) in the content you can find in my games.

So while I don’t agree on what he says, I respected his decision. What happened next?

Here comes el salvador!

Haha I’m not sure if the title above is correct but I can always blame my illness 😉 So after this drawback was unsure what to do. I had already invested a consistent amount of time and money (few thousands) on that art, but I didn’t want to disappoint my fans, which is the thing I consider more when doing my job.

M.Beatriz Garcia, who worked with me already in the Flower Shops series, was supposed to draw the chibis for the game already, starting this month. So I thought to ask her if she could work on the rest of the art needed for the game, and the answer was positive! 🙂 She has no problems to draw any kind of romance, so the game will have all combos, hetero and homosexual. Of course we’re talking about a very soft game, not sexy like Loren (I thought it was obvious, but…).

Below is a preliminary sketch of the 3 main female characters:


Note that they’re in undergarments only because the game will allow a lot of customization in clothes, accessories, hats, and so on, like a “paperdoll”. I really like how the personality of each race is already transparent from that sketch!

My name is Roger Steel

This crazy week ended when yesterday I got the first draft of the storyboard for a “mysterious RPG game” that I will officially announce in the next weeks. Those reading my forums or following me on twitter already know what it is the setting though 😉 For now I’ll leave you wondering who is that Roger Steele? (but don’t worry the game will be playable as male or female main character).