Why all those clones discussion are pointless

Ok I’ll try to explain why all those “you cloned my game” or “that game reminds me of…” are absolutely pointless and why people say that instead that RPG game or that simulation game is very different.

A game is composed by gameplay elements. Let’s say in an arkanoid clone for example, there’s the ball, there are the bricks, the bat and so on. You can make variant of it (like adding puzzles or particular target to hits, or other gameplay element) but the problem is that if you’re going to make a casual game, you don’t have much space for your ideas.

Is much harder (I would say almost impossible nowadays) to come out with an original idea, using simple gameplay. Because with simple gameplay there are less gameplay elements. Instead in a simulation/strategy/rpg game, there are so many elements that the chances to make a “clone” are very very low.

So please avoid those pointless discussion. Unless people who made the original games want the other devs to stop completely making new ones, of course 🙂

Make a original game with simple gameplay if you can. The last one that was made is Tetris I think, and that was quite some time ago…

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  1. I can’t say I agree with you. There is a lot of room for originality using simple gameplay elements. Just look at Wik and the Fable of Souls, Gish and Strange Attractors.

    My own game Trichromix is also completely original. I don’t think there’s a large change of people coming up with the same idea independently, even though the idea is quite simple.

    With games like RPGs, RTSs and FPSs, there’s a lot less room for originality. Usually these games only differ in some details and maybe in storyline, but there are only a few basic gameplay ideas for those genres.

  2. Jack Norton says:

    I’m talking about people who try to be the 1st to say “this game takes ideas from…”.
    I’m not so expert about casual games but I can say that Wik took some gameplay element from the old Bionic Command for C64…
    But the point is that I AM NOT attacking those games, as well match3 and other games, while some people make it their daily goal, my post was mosty referring to them.

    Anyway saying that RPG or strategy game have less room for originality is totally wrong.
    I myself made UBM and The Goalkeeper: quite original title, just from myself.
    I can mention Democracy.
    I am sure many other good niche titles will come. Rpg is quite different story (mainly because is hard to come out with a good system).

  3. Anonymous says:

    There is room for originality as much in casual games as in classic niches like RPG and RTS, that is not a problem. In fact, even a RPG and RTS, treated to their simplest elements, could become a quite awesome casual game.

    But that is not the point. If these discussions are pointless, why the hell did you brought it up here?? 😐

    Personnaly I just love ripping every good idea I encounter. I think it is good to keep in mind that we are not reinventing the wheel. The basics have been there for 20 years and the industry has added features over features. The secret to being original is often not creating new “never-before-seen” gameplay elements but mixing old gameplay elements in a new original way.

  4. Jack Norton says:

    Yes I agree with you. Indeed I’m mixing ideas took from various games myself.
    As I said, my attack was against people who always want to point out “this game copied x from game y”.
    Yes, and so what?? 🙂

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