PES6 cheats?

…unfortunately YES! The CPU still cheats in PES6. Not in such bad manner as in the previous title, but still…! once you score a goal or two and are winning, your players will start to be affected from “total incapacity mode” disease.

It means that will miss the most basic passes, goalscoring chances (in one match I had Ronaldinho miss 2 penalties… can this be possible?!) and so on. Your defenders also will instantly become slower and weaker than opponent. That is, a player of the height of Maradona could jump and win the ball with heading versus a tall defender like Stam… 😐

Ok ok, some might say “if you always win, where’s the fun??”. Sure that’s true – still when you draw a match where you had 60% ball possession, were leading 2-0 after 1st half, and had 2 penalties (both missed by Ronaldinho as I said above), versus a much weaker team (was playing Brazil – Peru !!!) I don’t know if is still so… fun! 😀

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