USM2 1.0 is OUT!!!

Haha sorry about the title and the enthusiasm, but… this has been a very long one!!!

I still remember when I had the idea of making a sequel of my first shareware game ever, Universal Soccer Manager , expecially because wasn’t available on mac platform. I was strongly encouraged by several people, and I started this long project. It was a tough one, the starting date is a “scary” 11th september 2005, but finally today, 21st december 2006, I can say that it’s over – at least the version 1.0!

Indeed as you might know, I have the bad idea of releasing free lifetime updates of my games, like I did in the past with titles like Magic Stones or Universal Boxing Manager, so even if USM2 is out, is not going to end now. I have a long list of new features/gameplay enhancement that I intend to implement over the course of the whole next year 2007.

I’m very pleased how the game turned out, both graphically (the GUI, the fonts, etc) and the engine. For this I must thank Patrice of Phelios, who helped me a lot during the initial phase of USM2 creation. He had the whole engine ready after just a few months – the rest was all my work, but was very simplified from having such a solid system “behind my neck”.

So… what else to say if not “go and download the game now!!!”

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