TOD: final races decision!

Ok I made up my mind at last! The first episode of TOD will have only 3 races: human, ice elf and dwarf.

Before you scream in horror continue to read: based on some users feedback, I decided to break away from the standard rpg archetypes, like the elf is a good ranger, the dwarf good fighter, etc. Each race will be capable to be any kind of class from warrior to healer, and will have simply different spells, based also on deities.

The deities choice will determine what kind of “prayers” (spells) your character will be able to learn. For each race there will be 2 deities so those 3 basic races will expand to already 6 different character archetypes. So as you can see isn’t that bad. Plus the already planned races (Dark elves, Orcs, Wood Elves) will be added in the future game expansions.

I’m very happy about this solution, because indeed it gives the user a wider choice. So you can have a ice elf fighter and a dwarf wizard, if you want 😀

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