Bionic Heart – the neverending story

I’m having lot of fun in adding LOTs of endings to my upcoming game Bionic Heart.

There will be a “Gallery Mode” that you can quickly access from the game main menu: from there you’ll be able to replay all the endings you finished! So far as you can see I have made 9 endings but there will be many more. This I think will add lot of replay value to this title, differently from all other visual novels/adventure games I’ve done and played in the past.
Some endings will be easy to get, other will be very hard, and I expect many walk-throughs and tutorials to spread around the net once this game is released. Some endings will contain really “strong” texts (not images though) so I definitely will label this game for 14 year and up! 😉

Honestly, I can’t wait to release this game to see what the public thinks of it.

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