Spirited Heart released!

I’m really proud to have finally released this game!!! If I think it was already 99% done at the end of february, but had to delay it by 2 months because of translation problems… 😐

Anyway, it’s finished now. Go download it at this page.

spirited heart pc/mac/linuxspirited heart pc/mac/linuxspirited heart pc/mac/linuxspirited heart pc/mac/linux

Was fun to work in a sort of mix between a dating sim and a RPG/Life simulation. In my original idea I had planned also to have fights inside an arena, but had to leave that part otherwise the game would have been delayed even more. Anyway, as often happens with my RPG/Simulation game I’ll probably release some updates in the upcoming months so I could even add that option in future… 🙂

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2 Responses to Spirited Heart released!

  1. Sarana says:

    this game driving me mad 😐
    i can’t stand how time flies so fkin crazy like that & why the certain times of day,my character (work as a farmer) just keeps fighting the neighbour who stole her animals & losing her health & morale instead of doing sth else 😐

    I try to be a gardener but I can’t improve my strength just because I have to spend my time beating people up or resting after that 😐
    (I also had to take a 2-week break after those stupid times) …

    That’s it !

  2. admin says:

    Well I’m thinking about releasing an update with a “EASY MODE” that won’t have skills decrease 🙂

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