Bionic Heart and more

I have yet to receive all the voices for Bionic Heart. The total voiceovers size is now around 120mb…! 8)

In retrospect, probably wasn’t a good idea to wait and have the game fully voiced on release. I mean, the voices really change the game completely: on the other hand, they also delayed the game release (was ready in the beginning of June). And even after I receive them all, will need to retest the game again because could have miss some lines and so on. I really hope in the end all this effort will be worth it in term of sales.

The actors did an oustanding job so far, so certainly isn’t their fault for anything. Simply if I make voiced games in future I’ll need to start the voiceovers as soon as the scripting is done (before getting the final art). Or maybe I should avoid adding voiceovers to such HUGE games! 😀

Another good news is that I am having a friend of mine doing a “dungeon game engine”. So yes, FINALLY Tower of Destiny will see the light! I have only a very early alpha version of the engine but it already rules. Full 3d means that I can move and even if the movement is “in blocks” (with turning of 90° degrees), being in full3d means that is very fluid, can have dynamic lightning, animated textures, and many other features.

I can’t wait to finish some projects I still am working on right now to concentrate 100% on that game. Finally, doing a dungeon crawler RPG is a reality! Hurrah 🙂

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  1. sake-bento says:

    Voice acting is a really time-consuming process for sure. In the studio, we have to go in for hours just for a couple twenty three minute episodes. It’s good to start voice acting as soon as possible, but amateur voice actors have a tendency to be very impatient, and they sometimes don’t follow through if they don’t see anything come of their work. It’s something of a catch 22.

    Speaking of voice acting, how’s the editing for Spirited Heart coming along?

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