Heileen 2: The Hands Of Fate

Yep, that’s the title I’ve come up with for Heileen 2. I remember there was an old game called Hands Of Fate, and I thought would be a good sub-title for Heileen 2, since the game largely deals about the tarot cards, and concepts like “shape your own destiny” and so on.

A friend of mine that was playing the demo, which isn’t out yet but I wanted to show him, made a fun comment how the game also borrows some ideas of Lost. I really don’t think so, since concepts like space / time travels and such aren’t present in the game. Really, everything is just a dream… 😉

Some more info about the game:
– it will feature multiple endings, so far I have planned 10 but probably will be more. I don’t think will reach the amount of endings of Bionic Heart (24 is hard to reach) but there will be still many interesting ones!
– as you might have guessed you’ll be able to choose between virtues or sins. There isn’t really a “good” or “bad” way to end the game, but the endings should reflect player’s action thorough the game. If you were lazy, you’ll see the Sloth ending, and so on.
– relationships: while you can deal only with Ebele and Robert in the “real world”, you’ll met lots of old and new faces from the dreams. And at the end of the game new cool characters will be introduced. Arrrrr!

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2 Responses to Heileen 2: The Hands Of Fate

  1. vanijane says:

    How much would the game cost?

  2. admin says:

    Will be $19.99

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