Deus Ex Machina

falsejohnI just finished writing the beginning of chapter 3 of Heileen 2. In a subplot branch you can be saved by what is defined as “Deus Ex Machina”. A sort of divine intervention, something beyond the human possibilities, that saves you from a desperate situation. This is actually also an ending, the PRIDE one.

Exactly, each Sin / Virtue will have an ending. I’m sure the most sought will be the Lust one 😉

There will be also other endings even if in theory all endings could be associated to one of the 7 sin/virtues… but for some the association will be quite obvious.

In the image on the left you see John dressed in a unusual way. But he is really John or…someone else?

In the image on the right instead you can seequestscreen the quests screen, completely new, for Heileen 2.

There will be MANY more quests, and the total maximum possible score will be 100! (so now that I think about it better, there will be 20 quests total since the max score you can get per quest is 5).

This screen will list the Active quest, the Completed and also the Failed ones.

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