Heileen 2, no more dreams

Today finished writing the last dream for Heileen 2. There will be 3 dreams for each of the 7 sin/virtues, so 21 dreams in total. That alone probably makes the game longer than the original Heileen already. But now starts the fun, the final part with pirates 🙂 In this part, what you did in the previous dreams comes out. Based on previous choices the game builds up a sort of “profile”, so that the final endings matches what you’ve done, the action you did in the past. Beware if you were a sinner 😉

It’s also a relief to finally be able to write a part not in episodes. As I was with Spirited Heart, I’m quite tired and I ran out of ideas about the dreams. Writing small stories that are immediately interesting and not boring is probably one of the hardest tasks for any writer, IMHO. When I wrote Bionic Heart instead, since it was a long story with so many different outcomes, it was easier for me. Each decision would split the plot, but was connected with the story I had already written so far. With the dreams or the Spirited Heart events instead, since they could happen in any order, I couldn’t put any actual references to other characters/event happened in the past!

Anyway, going to have some relaxing time now with my cats 🙂

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