Breaking the rules

I had what I think a great game idea last week. It does break the common rules of narrative / games, so that’s why I think it’s cool 🙂

Basically, it’s a story told from three different perspectives. Three women, three friends, living the same story but each one from her own point of view and with different path / succession of events. The game will play quite differently from the other ones. I’m still deciding if to make it as normal visual novel or a dating sim. In practice, you would play the first character, until you arrive at what I would call “switch point”. It means you made your choices for this first one, and now you move on to the next one. You’ll be taken back to the beginning of the story (the beginning is common to all the three characters) and play it through a new perspective. You’ll share some common events, and you’ll see your previous character “executing” the choices you made before, but you’ll be able to change the plot again making new choices with the new character.  Also you’ll see new, different events that will keep the plot going. Then, with the final character, you’ll see what is the mystery, why those events are happening, who is the mastermind behind all. Yes, because the game will be a mystery one, not detective, but still a mystery style of game.

In practice, this is what you could define as a triple-otome-multiple-POV-mystery-dating-sim game! It’s just an idea for now but I’m prototyping it in Ren’Py to see if there are potential pitfall to its implementation. I really hope to make this because the story has a final plot twist which I consider quite cool, and the few people (non-gamers) I talked with all agree, saying that would be a good plot for a mystery book.

I have also in mind to experiment again with the visuals for this game, trying to raise the bar once again. I have in mind a sort of mix with manga (like my previous games) and comics (like Vera Blanc game which is coming out soon).

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2 Responses to Breaking the rules

  1. That’s a neat idea, will be interesting to see how it works out.

    Reminds me a bit of Terry Cavanaghs Pathways (, in which you also play through the story several times to find out more about the events (though not from different persons point of view).

  2. admin says:

    Never played that game, going to check 🙂
    But in my case you can play it from 3 different PoVs, and you can also have different endings with each one (though the choices you made with one character doesn’t influence the other paths, otherwise would be a mess).

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