Winter In Fairbrook – Meet Jacob

After Steve now it’s the turn of Jacob! This very nice, polite, shy guy was present in the first episode as well, and he had a crush for another member of the cast… (won’t say which one just in case someone still haven’t played it. By the way, what are you waiting for?).

In this scene, you can already feel how innocent and good he is. Natalie seems not to understand his reasons, why he always must help everyone, why he is doing it for free… and it’s just my impression, or Natalie is a bit jealous of Susana? 😉

I also wanted to answer some questions that users made in previous blog posts or on Youtube. Even if Steve scene has mouth animation, the game won’t be voiced. The lip animation was added at last minute as test, so we’re not even sure it will be present in the final game! Indeed today’s video with Jacob doesn’t have it. About the length, it’s slightly longer than the first game, so if you played it you have a good idea of what to expect. The farming / flower raising sim will be easier and differently from the first title won’t have an impact on the endings.

About the release date, we’re trying hard to release the game for the end of this month, or at least the pre-order version, since indeed there isn’t much time left…! 🙂

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  1. bollo says:

    Woowoo! can’t wait!! Jacob was my favourite in the first game!

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