Winter In Fairbrook – Meet Trent

Trent is Susana’s “big brother” (in all senses!) and when Natalie first meet him we discover that now he works at the library, helping Marian (one of the dateable characters of the first game) in her duties. Though as Natalie immediately notices, he seems a bit too happy for someone that’s working! Right, usually people who work are not in a such good mood… there must be something else! But what? 😉 Sorry I think you’ll have to play the game to discover it…!

With this video we have almost discovered all of the characters of Winter In Fairbrook. The only one left is the “new entry” (not seen before in the first game) Ryan. Watch this blog next Friday to see who we’re talking about. I don’t want to reveal too much but his ending scene (maybe because of the setting, or the situation itself) is one of my favourite of the game 🙂

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