There’s something cooking…


But fear not, I’m not going to cook my sweet cat Gilda, who in the picture above found a new way to use my pot 🙂

Flower Shop: Winter In Fairbrook

We’re getting close to finish it. I know I’ve been saying this already, but there are still a few backgrounds missing, and some more testing needed, but definitely not much! Is really likely to be finished in July!

Spirited Heart Deluxe Girl’s Side

Even this expansion is at a very good point. Only a character subplot left to finish and then will need to test and check everything. This is very likely to be done either in end of July or August. The sprites are not yet all ready, but what has been done so far is absolutely lovely. Check the image below:


But don’t think all the girls will be like Reid, the sexy demoness dancer. Each one has her own personality and different life goals: cute princesses, fearsome thieves, anti-social genius and more bizarre characters will be present in the expansion, who is going to be as big as the main game! I think there’s really a very good variety of situations in the game and even if the theme is girl’s love, I think some scenes are really beautiful and everyone should play it 😉

Loren Amazon Princess

This is going to be delayed a bit, since I’m getting a complete RPG framework done by a “real coder” (that’s not me! lol). This way I can re-use it for future games or add-ons (even in different settings/game worlds). I should have done this before, but as they say, better late than never! Meanwhile, right now the romance scenes are being drawn, the first ones are Loren and Elenor/Saren. Everything will happen during a full moon night, when Loren goes in a lake nearby to take a bath… As said already the scenes will be completely optional because will be more sexy than usual, and you won’t see them at all if you disable the option in the preferences screen.

Undead Lily and The Elemental Avengers

The final battle poses of the last two heroes are being made right now! Though there are still all the romance scenes, and probably will also need more art for the strategic map… this game is becoming really bigger than I thought, hopefully my efforts and investment will be rewarded! 🙂

More news and surprises coming soon…

I’ll be also promoting soon some games made by indie game developers friends, and I am also getting ready to launch an interesting promotion somewhere in July, offering several themed games that will make sci-fi fans happy. Stay tuned for more news!

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