Loren Amazon Princess new skilltrees and battle system


As you can see from the photo above, I hired a very skilled coder to help me working on the future RPGs 😉

Jokes apart, I really hired a coder, but for Loren Amazon Princess (since Planet Stronghold Warzone will re-use the same battle system with some interesting new features like area of effect psionics).

I know I already published some skilltrees, but when the new coder arrived we decided to revamp the plannet battle system with a new, greatly improved one. Check the WORK IN PROGRESS image below:


The main “battle flow” will work in a similar way as Final Fantasy X battles, where each action adds to “wait time”. So no more Action Points, though the basics are the same. On the right of the screen there’s a list with the moving order, and when is your turn, you’ll decide what action to do. Clicking on your currently active character, or an ally, will open a menu with the “friendly actions” that you can do (like Heal another party member, or use a potion, and so on). On the other hand, clicking on an enemy will open the menu with “hostile actions”, like attack the enemy or use one of the various special skills / spells that you have at your disposal to crush your opponents!

Each action will add a wait time. So for example drinking a potion will be such a quick action, that you will be able to move again the same character immediately, though “behind the scenes” some “seconds” of battle passed. If you perform a more complex action, for example use the “Pinning Shot” skill of the “Hunter” subclass, your character will need much more time before he/she can act again. The list on the right will update in real-time when you hover the mouse on the skill, so you’ll have lot of time to plan your strategy. It’s already working quite well, in the test battles I often paused wondering if was better to use a quick, but less powerful move to finish one enemy, or instead choose a more slow move but that would hit all the enemies in front row.

Yes, because differently from Planet Stronghold, there’s also tactical disposition on the battlefield! There’s a front-row, and a back row. If a character is using ranged weapons, can hit anyone in front/back row. But if the character is using melee weapon, he can hit only enemies in the front row. Also obviously Warriors will have more HP, while Thief and especially Mages much less, so putting them in the front row won’t be a great idea! This means that you’ll have to choose your party formation, and right now we’re thinking to have glorious 8 vs 8 battles that will offer a great fun, and will let you use most of your party members (there are 12 in total that you can recruit).

Loren Amazon Princess RPG skilltrees

I’m also particularly happy about the various skills and how the interaction between the 3 main classes (Warrior, Thief and Mage) will work. But this is a complex topic and will require a completely new blog post (and new flowchart to explain it), so for now I’m going to stop here. The skilltrees are basically 99% definitive this time, there might be some that will change slightly during testing to balance better the gameplay, but in general what you see in the PDF is going to be the final version of all the skilltrees.

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  1. SpectralTime says:

    No lightning. No lightning at all.

    It’s okay though. I’m okay. *sniff* :'(

    You caaan’t always get what you waaaaaant

    • admin says:

      Haha no summoning either for that matter. But I’m not going to put too much stuff on a battle system at once. Better go step by step 😉

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