RPGs status update

It’s time to give you an update on my two main RPG projects I’m currently working on: Loren The Amazon Princess and Planet Stronghold: Warzone.

Loren The Amazon Princess

As you can see below, I made a mockup for the game main menu, and I like it (not that the main menu is so important in a RPG, but I want to have it look good). As I’m writing, the game soundtrack is being recorded, which will feature Cristina Vee again singing the theme song. I’m eager to listen to it 🙂


Below, you see the first icons made for the skilltrees. I also got some weapons/items, but not enough yet to show a full equipped character. As for the skills, I realized yesterday that I actually need a separate icon for every skill present in the 16 base skiltrees: since every skilltree has 5, it means that I still have 60 icons to commission!! It’s necessary of course, but it all adds to the final game costs. This game better sell well!


The writing is at good point, and everything should be finished at end of this month or early December, however there is still left to add all the battles and quests and everything else that makes a RPG (enemies, balancing, and so on). So, I’d say that while I hope to have a public alpha at end of the month to get feedback about the battle system, the fullgame won’t be available for sure this year. I’m aiming at Q1 2012 release (probably February/March).

Planet Stronghold: Warzone

For this game things are “apparently” going slower. I say apparently because even if the game writing is still at early stages (I don’t even have planned the full story yet!), I have already made the changes to the combat system (in practice a full redesign of the Psionic Powers vs the first game). I also have planned all the romances, which will be even more important than the previous game, since there will be 4 for each gender (vs the 3 of the previous title).

So in practice, since the gameplay/game system is already tested, once the story starts to be written this game will progress much faster than Loren (also because the RPG system is simpler).

Speaking of romance, take a look at this:


It’s a fun “collage image” I made picking some details from each of the 4 romance scenes for Lisa Nelson. As you can see, lots of *hot* stuff going on! 🙂

I don’t have all the 4 romance images for Joshua, but once I have them will make a similar thing for him too.

I have another important announcement about Planet Stronghold, even if it will have to wait until next week, but is a very interesting deal! So stay tuned (will announce it on twitter, facebook and in the blog).

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  1. SpectralTime says:

    …Well, I’m glad things are zipping along on Loren, and I DO hope it sells well. I’d… almost feel bad about using that “1/2 off” e-coupon you gave me on it. Maybe I’ll save it for Warzone…

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