Unfinished business


In the picture above, Maja when was a kitten sleeping on a mousepad in my “old office”.

What is the unfinished business I’m talking about? Well, lots of games get started every year, and many of them, for a reason or another, are canceled. This doesn’t happens only in the AAA studios, but even at “indie level”.

In the video below, a work in progress of a 3d roleplay game called “Tower Of Destiny”. The project was abandoned about 3 years ago because the coder quit. It should have been a 3d dungeon crawler, with some “outdoor” zones. I think I’ll probably redo it as plain 2d dungeon game sometimes in the future.

In this other video a more recent work-in-progress. It’s the 3d version of one of my older games, Universal Boxing Manager. I didn’t hear back from the coder since June this year, so while I cannot officially say that it won’t be done, I don’t have much hopes as well!

So you might start to understand why I’m making mostly games I can code myself recently? Disappearing artists/writers are a pain, since you need to look for a replacement (and in the case of art, redo even the art that has been already partly done), but when a coder disappear… means the game can’t go on, especially if you’re not able to finish/continue coding yourself or if the coder used a different tool/language you’re not familiar with.

This just to show that being indie it can be a real pain as well, since there are many more problems than people might think. And now, let’s talk about something else…

Bionic Heart promotion!

I’ve updated Bionic Heart to use online activation, and like I did for Heileen 2, I’m offering two downloads: one without voices, which is about 32-35mb, and one with voices which is about 169-173mb!

The game will be only 4.99 for the weekend, so grab it now!
Only $0,2 each ending! (it has 24 endings)

Roommates game

So I got the first sketches from artist for this new game. As you can see, lots of interesting people… the 6 characters below are the dateable one. Max and Anne are the two main playing characters (the game will be playable as male/female). There are two bisex characters, can you guess which ones? 🙂

Do you think the male characters are sexy/interesting enough? I have no doubts the females are 😀


And for this week is all. Ah no, wait: there are rumors that a certain game with a winter theme MIGHT be really finished shortly… but maybe is just a rumor! Who knows? Keep following me on twitter/facebook/blog to know more.

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4 Responses to Unfinished business

  1. Kama says:

    Nope, the male chars are not hot enough. 🙁

  2. admin says:

    Heh, I don’t know honestly how you define “hot” ? Consider that Dominic face will be changed. Max is not hot ?

  3. maselphie says:

    Their abs may be too toned (it’s okay for fantasy, but in reality, you rarely see that in regular guys). Subtle abs and just not having a gut are what’s attractive. And Dom *does* look older (like he’s a professor, not a peer), but as far as them looking attractive, personally I think they are. Compared to Planet Stronghold, I think those that like looking at men are much more accommodated here. =P

    • admin says:

      Hehe I supposed you wrote this before seeing Deji’s improved version 😀
      Anyway, for Planet Stronghold Warzone, girls will be much much happier… Milo, Tom and even Prince Cliff!! wooohooo LOL

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