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In the picture above, an image of my dwarf rabbit Cleo who decided to travel to the rabbits paradise last week, after 9 years with us.

Why low pricing is wrong for niche games

I’m going to talk briefly about my own experience with low prices. I know that as customer, you’d want the games to be cheaper! who wouldn’t want that? however, as I gather data from my little price experimentation, it’s quite clear that if I was to sell my games for 4.99 I would be bankrupt in less than one year.

Check the pie-graph below:


On top there’s the graph for the number of copies sold. Wow, during the promotional week sale, Heileen1 was almost 1/3 of my total games sold!

However, the enthusiasm quickly fades checking the other graph below, showing the net revenues for the same period: Heileen1 is at the 5th place, below other games.

This is even more “dramatic” if we consider that I sent the newsletter, posted in my twitter/facebook page and so on about the promotion. So in practice, the “regular sales” of my other games (the best selling titles though) were generating more revenues that a super-mega sale…!

I like to do sales, since I know that not everyone can afford to buy my games at full price. Obviously, I’m going to wait several months before I do sales of my recent games, but for games that were released 2-3 years ago (Heileen 1 was released in 2008 for example) it’s fine.

But the fact is that unless you have a great exposure, a customer base of millions, like the portals have, undercutting your price is never going to work. You’ll only lose money, and if you’re not careful, forced to find another job! 😀

Heileen 2: Hands Of Fate promotional sale

Speaking of promotions, this week I managed to update Heileen 2, which is on sale until next Sunday (included). Below you find a teasing image of Ebele with the new relationship bar added to that game as well. (Sadly Ebele is not dateable in the game, even if there are some spicy situations with her…)


Since I’m using online activation, I decided to offer two kind of downloads: the “standard” game, without voices, which is 45mb, or the fully voiced game that is 100mb. I’m particularly interested to check the statistics after some time, to see how many people prefer the voiced vs unvoiced version, since I’m considering if to make some more voiced games in future or not.

And the various games in progress? they’re all still going fine! This week got some sketches for the Roommates game from a new artist, new finished CG scenes for Planet Stronghold: Warzone, new images/texts for Queen Of Thieves and new texts for Heileen3.

I really am not sure which game will be done first, since mostly depends on artists/writers speed, and what kind of gameplay will choose to implement in some of them (I have a few interesting ideas for Queen Of Thieves but must see if is something that I am able to code or not!).

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