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In the image above, my cat Leon seems almost in a meditation pose 🙂

So, who will be the customers of the game Queen Of Thieves? Take a look below:

Customers Customers2

Yes, I was talking about the in-game customers! For those unfamiliar with the game (which is still work-in-progress) it will feature a shop simulation similar to the popular Recettear game. But one thing that annoyed me a bit of that game was the fact that there were only 3-4 different customer appearances 🙂 So in my game I asked the artist to draw a sort of doll-dressing game, and as you can see, the combinations can be a lot.

The main variations are by body shape (normal, fat, old) and by social status (poor, middle clas, noble, guards, priest, wizard). And of course there are several minor variations based on face shape, hair and beard color/shape and hats.

Beside the example above, there will also be female customers of course!

The writing is being done right now and art-wise there is really not much left to do. The game will be a bit different from my usual ones, even if I haven’t yet decided how I’ll do the mission part. I would like to use a sort of 2d boardgame view, where you move your characters in a sort of turn-based strategy game.

I am not sure yet if I’ll also include RPG battles, even if the temptation is strong, since I have lots of armor/clothing/weapons ready to use, but the playable characters would be max 3 (the three sisters Joanne, Kira and Thalia) so it would be a somewhat simplified RPG.

So in theory it could be an otome life simulation game with strategy and RPG elements 😀 I don’t want to rush things with this one since I have anyway other games in production, so I’d like to experiment a bit with a different gameplay system. Time will tell, as always!

The other games

Meanwhile, all the other games I announced are progressing, and we’re waiting for the UI/skills/items art to finish an alpha build of LorenRPG to release it to public to get feedback about the battle system. I think it could be ready next month, so stay tuned.

Promotional sale

Promo sales: this week promo sale is of the game College Romance: Rise Of The Little Brother that is only 4.99 until Sunday (included).

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2 Responses to Queen of Thieves customers

  1. Jenni says:

    It sounds really promising! I can’t wait to see and hear more. (Especially since I loved Recettear!)

    • admin says:

      Well it will be probably not real time. I think a mix with shop-simulator, battles similar to Planet Stronghold but more “casual” and maps with fog of war (both of interior and exteriors). And of course romance subplots, each girl can have 2 love interests out of the 3 boys, so… 6 possible romances, that won’t end the game but give you a unique powerful bonus each.

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