Winter In Fairbrook is finally released! And fan art contest!


In the picture above,my cat Gilda in the snow. It’s a picture of last year, since there’s still no snow here!

As you probably know if you follow me on Twitter / Facebook, or are subscribed to my newsletter, the final version of Winter In Fairbrook is out, just in time for Christmas!

If you haven’t played the first title yet, you can now get both for 15% off. For more info check the Flower Shop series page.

I also need to update the first title to online activation and new Ren’Py, and probably make it easier too since is much harder compared to Winter In Fairbrook.

Meanwhile, the other games in production are making good progress:

Loren Amazon Princess RPG

The plot is still being written, but I’m happy to say that counting the expansion, it will be the longest game I’ve ever made, even longer than Planet Stronghold. Also there are a lot of romance options, for all tastes. The only thing that concerns me right now is the battle system. I have asked the coder to make a 8 vs 8 battle. However, I’m thinking that might be too hard/confusing or simply the battles could last too long, so following the coder’s suggestion I might drop the number to 6 vs 6 maximum, which should already offer a good variety in the battles.

In practice I’m wondering if the battle isn’t too much “for the hardcore RPG fans” than the occasional RPG players. I have to say though that even Planet Stronghold was supposed to be a light-RPG, a visual novel with RPG elements but then quickly evolved into a full JRPG and people seemed to like it.

I guess the moment of truth will be when I’ll publicly release the Alpha Version, with some battle examples, so I’ll be able to get feedback on it and see people’s reactions.

The Queen Of Thieves

I got more art finished, below you see Arianna, also know as The Queen Of Thieves! Yes she is the mother of the three sisters Joanne, Kira and Thalia, the main characters of the game.


Artist is working on the various kiss scenes for the romance subplots, and then will do the introduction which will be in the form of short comic. I have yet to code all the gameplay but I think I have some good ideas for it, and I’m eager to start prototyping something to see if they’re good or not! 🙂

Draw fan art and win a free game! Facebook contest

I’ve setup a new contest in my Facebook page. I’m giving away three coupons to get a free game to the top 3 entries. What you need to do? Draw fan art of any characters from my games (including Winter Wolves and Tycoon Games) and submit it to the contest application on Facebook.

There’s a voting system, so the three most popular fan art images will win a free game coupon! The contest will end the 25th December 2011, unless the amount of entries is too low (for example below 10) in that case I’ll extend the deadline by some more weeks.

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