Inspiration is everywhere

Being indie is a creative job (obviously) assuming you’re trying to make your own games and not cloning others 🙂

The last weeks finishing Loren Amazon Princess have been quite stressful, and it’s fun because in theory there wasn’t any deadline set in stone except for the one self-imposed by me – but I always do that 🙂

Anyway, it was stressing! So while I’m working on the expansion, I decided to take it easier and work only half day on that, and in the other half day do more creative tasks like writing the storyboard of the new scenes for the other games, or “monkey” tasks like creating the icons, banners, preparing the HTML pages of the future games.

This is something I always do, even if the game in question will be out maybe next year – in the moments where I am too tired to code or write I do such tasks that still needs to be done anyway, but require no brain work. So when the time comes, I have them done already.

Also, last week I went to IKEA shopping with my girlfriend and curiously, I got the inspiration for Bionic Heart 2 main menu image! I know, inspiration is really bizarre and comes when you less expect it.

You might wonder “what the frak” IKEA has to do with the sequel of my sci-fi horror/romance game Bionic Heart? Nothing, but there was an image that inspired me, the one in the SOLMYRA picture, which you can see below, and on the right the sketch made by the artist for the main menu image following my indications:


of course, the copyright of the left image belongs to IKEA and the artist who made that image, Deborah Azzopardi. On the right you see my vision – the beautiful and deadly Tanya who seems to say “silence”, with her robotic finger covered in blood (once the image is finalized and colored, it will be more evident!).

Speaking of Bionic Heart 2, I’m getting the various characters remade with the new art style. I made an interesting comparison of the old vs new version of the same character, except for Luke since he never appeared on the first game:

Newluke Oldvsnewtanya Newvsoldhelen Oldvsnewtom Oldvsnewtina

I particularly like the new Helen and Tina, but to be honest I like all the new versions of the old characters 🙂 Maybe the only one that looks worse, or at least different, is Tom. But he’ll have a very different role in this sequel!

On the other games front, I made progresses on Queen Of Thieves, Heileen 3, Roommates and Nicole. For this last one I’m probably going to rework the plot adding more scenes and also more characters, since is a mystery otome game and I want to add more variety and red herrings to the story 😉

About RPGs, beside Loren’s expansion, I’m getting lots of art done for Planet Stronghold 2 and starting to think how to implement the famous steampunk / horror rpg I’ve been talking about lately on Twitter…

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4 Responses to Inspiration is everywhere

  1. EroBotan says:

    most of the new sprites look good! I agree with you about Tom though.

    mmm … I don’t like Tina’s new hat, it makes her looks like a firefighter instead of police o.o;

  2. Lex says:

    I actually like the old sprites better… Maybe it’s just because I prefer anime?

    What was the thought behind changing the character images?

    • admin says:

      Well the new sprites are still anime/manga, though korean (same artist as Loren).
      The thought was simple, the original artist schedule is completely full, was already a miracle I got her to draw Heileen 3 🙂

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